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Cambodian children in the South Bronx.

Haitian migrant mother who picks corn in Dutchess County.

Women of the Hmong Community who left Indochina after the war in Vietnam. Now they live in Syracuse.

Dancers from the former Soviet Union who are part of the Brighton Beach Ballet. They perform and have a school for children.

Refugee from Bosnia. Binghamton, New York.

Kurdish family in Binghamton, New York.

Bosnian woman who was seriously wounded in Kosovo.

Moscow -- a popular restaurant on the boardwalk of Brighton Beach closed a few years ago.

Rabbi Jezer -- who had a congregation in the Bronx -- teaching Torah to refugees from the former Soviet Union in Central New York.

In a Morrocan Synagogue in New York City.

Cambodian Buddhists in a monastery in the South Bronx.

Amerasian children watching Alladin while they eat their pizza.

Waiting. Syracuse, New York.

Amerasian gang leader. Syracuse.

A member of the New American Orchestra. He is one of the 120 musicians from the former Soviet Union who now play at Lincoln Center and other important venues.

Ukranian American craftsman at Stickley Furniture. Manlias, New York.

A Haitian detective in New York City.

Arab Americans in the United States

Palestine American teenager rollerblading in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Palestine American showing pictures of himself with his daughter (the rollerblader, above) before they left Jerusalem.

Praying after Ramadan (3/27/99) at Astroland in front of the parachute jump. Coney Isalnd, New York.

At a Palestinian wedding in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Easter Sunday at Our lady of Lebanon Church.

Egyptian from Alexandria who rents this Halal food stand which used to be a Hebrew National stand.

Celebrating the Feast of the Ramadan in Bay Ridge.

At the Al Noor Muslim School in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

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